Recycling Program

What is Blacklab’s recycling program all about?

At Blacklab, we want to be the leader in innovating new ideas to help the community.  We have implemented a new recycling program for any used PC* to be refurbished and 50% will go to charity.  We want to be at the forefront of providing great quality used PC’s and benefit people in need at the same time!  The charity we donate to changes every six months!

How can I be part?

It’s easy!  Simply bring in any used PC* and we will remove all data from the machine and re-install it with a fully licensed copy of Windows 7.  Then the PC will be displayed in the store and 50% of the sale price will be donated.  That’s not all!  As a token of our appreciation you will be given a $25 gift card that can be used on any item in the store!

What if my PC is too old?

That is not a problem!  Any PC that is simply too old to support Windows 7 will be wiped and donated to a great cause!  They still will go to a great home!

Can I bring in other items, not only PC’s?

Of course!  Any monitors, keyboard and mice, speakers, printers, scanners and everything is welcome!¹

Why not just recycle my old PC at Encorp?

It is true that taking your old PC to Encorp will prevent it from going to the landfill and preventing the hazardous materials from escaping into the enviroment.  Bringing your PC to Blacklab will be helping others in need!



* Used PC's include any machine Pentium 4 or equivalent (INTEL SKT 775/ AMD SKT 939/ AMD SKT 754) and above.  Any PC that is older than this will be sent to <INSERT CHARITY RECYCLER HERE>. 

¹Please note that keyboards/mice, speakers, printers etc. are NOT eligible for the $25 gift card.  Screens under 17" are also NOT eligible.