Our Services

Blackab specializes in service!  Virus Removal, Windows Installs, Data Migration and more!  Most in-store repairs can take up to 48 business hours to complete depending on the severity of the problem.

Service Warranty Policy

Hardware repairs, consisting of replacing components such as RAM, Heatsinks, Fans, Optical Drives and Hard Drives have a 30 day bench labour warranty and are covered fully by the manufacturer of the part.

Software repairs, consisting of Virus Removal and OS Re-Installs are NOT covered under any bench warranty due to the nature of the repair.  When the PC leaves the premises it has been rigorously tested and is guaranteed virus and malware free.

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Hardware Services

Per Hour Service (Includes General Troubleshooting) $69.99
Computer Cleaning (Includes physical check of fans, heat syncs, etc.) $34.99
Component Installation or Replacement Starting at $19.99
Case Replacement Starting at $74.99
Main Board Replacement (OS Install NOT Included) $74.99
Laptop Repairs (Per Hour) $79.99
Laptop Screen Replacements (Price NOT Including Screen) $49.99

Software Services

Operating System Installs (Fresh, New Hardware) $129.99
Operating System Re-Installs (Including Data Transfer) $209.99
Virus Removal (Including Malware, Spyware, Adware and Viruses) Starting at $149.99
PC Tune Up $69.99
Data Back-Up and Restore Starting At $89.99
Single Driver Installs (Existing Hardware) $19.99
Software Installs
Anti-Virus (Replacment of Existing or New) $29.99
All Other Software (Per Program Installed) $24.99

Blacklab Specials

Windows 7 Upgrade (From any Preivous Windows Version, Includes Software and Data Transfer) $249.99